The Path Vector Routing Protocol specification

there are some captures of the protocol:
ipv4 capture
ipv6 capture

there are some text decodes of the protocol:
ipv4 decode
ipv6 decode

here is a specification about it:
pvrp specification by J. Sreenan

this is a clear text protocol.

the prefix descriptor have the following parameters:
-path=<rtrid> [rtrid]...

there are these types of messages:
-open rtrid=<addr> mtu=<num> bfd=<num> iface=<text> name=<text>
-reachable <prefix>
-withdraw <prefix>
-metric <num>
-measme true/false
-segrou <num> <num>
-bier <num> <num> <num>
-startEncrypt <proto>
-password-request <base64channenge>
-password-reply <base64response>
-signed <base64sign> <text>
-error <text>
-warning <text>
-discard <text>
-echo <text>
-echoed <text>
-request <addr>/<len>
-keepalive <num>